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SWC No. 45190

Abstract Submission Guidelines


All abstracts must be submitted to by 5pm of the last date of submission (August 5, 2017)


Abstract must not exceed 300 words limit. The word limit relates only to the text of the abstract and does not include title, sub headings, authors and author address.

  • Font type must be Arial Font size 12 pt.

  • 1.5 line spacing must be used.

  • Images, tables or graphics are not to be included in the abstract body.

  • Abstract must be free of typographical and grammatical errors

  • The text should be typed unjustified, without hyphenating words at line breaks

  • Hard returns (enter) should be used only to end headings and paragraphs, not to rearrange lines

  • Greek and other special characters may be included. If you are unable to reproduce a particular special character, please type out the name of the symbol in full

  • SI units should be used throughout the abstract

  • Standard abbreviations may be used for common terms only. Otherwise, any abbreviation should be given in brackets after the first full use of the word.

  • It is the author’s responsibility to ensure all the information provided is correct.

  • Request for modification in abstract will not be entertained after the selection.


Template for the Abstract


All abstracts should appear within the format of structure outlined below.


1. Title

The title should be in bold, Title case with no full stop at the end.
e.g: Anemia Among Women of Reproductive Age in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal


2. Authors

The name of the authors should be in the following format: e.g Dhital HP1, Devkota R2, Adhikari P3


3. Affiliations

Affiliations should include institution, town and country. Where there are multiple affiliations, each should be listed as a separate paragraph. Each institute should appear in the order used against the author names and show the appropriate superscript number.

e.g. 1Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal 2B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal


Structure of Abstract


Abstracts should be structured into following sections using the following headings typed in bold with no colon at the end, e.g.






Key words

Corresponding author:

Corresponding author details (Name, Designation, Affiliations, Email, Phone) should be included at the end of the abstract


Download Submission Guidelines